Brand identity – a guide to how we work part 3

Billboard design

Brand identity – a guide to how we work part 3

Previously in this series we have charted the development of the Imagine brand design from its beginnings to the final logo. Now we will look at the application of the brand in preparation for the product launch.

The teaser campaign

Once the logo was finalised, the next stage was to prepare a teaser campaign in the run-up to the launch of Imagine at the BETT education show in January 2012.

The brief from Pearson Fronter was to create a press, website and direct mail campaign that would create a buzz around the name Imagine and attract education professionals to search for Imagine at BETT without giving away anything about the project, or even that it was a Pearson product.

We decided quite quickly that the learning content of Imagine gave the most scope for interesting visuals and set about working up some designs. A few ideas are shown here.

Brand design concepts

The unanimous favourite was the second, illustrated concept which, incidentally, through the use of the clouds and rainbow, refers back to some of the early logo visuals.

One of the reasons for choosing this idea was the potential to create an exciting web experience linked to the ad campaign – see the screenshots below.

Various direct mail pieces followed leading up to the product launch at Olympia.

The Launch campaign

The final stage of the launch has been to develop the brand ideas from the logo design and start to apply them to the post-launch marketing materials.


The launch brochure, advertising and web design is the first step in steering the visuals used in the teaser campaign towards something more explicit. Where the teaser campaign was all about exciting visuals and making people curious with veiled hints and promises, the next steps will be all about communicating the specific strengths and benefits of the Imagine suite of products.

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