Brochure design

Brochure design

Even if you have the best website in the world, you still need brochures – and we don’t just mean a load of PDFs that people have to print themselves.

The web is amazing – all that information available at the click of a button. But sometimes people need to have something that they can hold, something more substantial than pixels, something that lets them feel the weight and quality of the paper as they turn the pages.

A good brochure is something that’s too beautiful or useful (or both) to throw away. It’s something that will hang around and remind people to call you or visit your website. It will be more memorable, and make you seem more special than a website ever could.

Our brochure design service can include copywriting, sourcing or art directing photography and structuring the content so that the information in your brochure forms a coherent whole that will win business for your company.

Animated brochures

Brochures don’t have to be just printed, it’s now possible to create digital brochures that embed audio and video within the brochure to give the user a more interactive experience that will help to sell your product or service by engaging with your target audience. 

Printing your

As part of the brochure design, consideration needs to be given to how the brochure will be printed. A good brochure design can be made to stand out even more by using different print finishes, whether its adding spot UV to the images, foil blocking, embossing the company logo or choosing a matt or glossy paper stock. Using one or two of these finishes can make a real difference to help your brochure stand out.

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