Month: May 2015

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How to buy and specify print

A beginners guide Twenty years ago buying and specifying print was a job for experts only. Turning a design into a finished brochure or leaflet was a complex process involving several different stages. Now all you need from your designer is a high resolution pdf which you can send to almost any commercial printer. If

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Working with logo formats

The difference between vector and pixel formats Most people will be familiar with pixel-based formats for photography such as JPEG or TIFF. We know that more pixels equals a better quality image, so it’s tempting, when asked to supply a logo, to think the same way and assume that a JPEG is the best way

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Our top tips for social media

If you’re planning on using social media to grow your business, here are a few simple tips you can use when making your plans: Who is your audience? Think about who are you trying to reach – what’s their profile? It could lead you to use a very specific social media channel – for example

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