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Billboard design

Road Safety Campaign for Herts County Council

We were approached by Hertfordshire County Council to create a logo and advertising campaign for their new road safety initiative, ‘Put it Away’. The aim of the campaign was to educate drivers about the dangers of using a mobile phone whilst driving. We created a logo that clearly communicated the campaign’s message using strong bold

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How to Get More B2B Leads from Social

Depending on who your target audience is, Social Media presents many different ways that you can interact and engage with your prospective customers. For B2C businesses social media channels are a great way for you to engage with potential customers directly, generating awareness for your brand, product or service. For B2B businesses this article looks

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5 Ways to Get More Traffic with Content Marketing

Content Marketing is fundamental in todays online world, any business wishing to appear on page one of Googles organic search results needs to be creating content that their target audience will find useful and engaging and are likely to share. This article looks at 5 ways in which you can create content to drive more

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Writing blog titles

5 Strategies for Writing Compelling Titles

We all understand the importance of having a compelling headline title to grab the readers attention, but how do we achieve that all important killer headline that stands out and says “Read Me” This article shares 5 tips that explores the process of developing great headline titles that will enhance SEO, increase clicks and social

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Email still the most popular method for driving B2B business online

For B2B businesses what is the most affective way of reaching your potential target market? As this article suggests over 92% of companies rely on email marketing to drive sales and engage with their customers and its also the most cost effective. 92% of B2B digital and ecommerce professionals rely on email marketing to promote

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CMYK image

How to buy and specify print

A beginners guide Twenty years ago buying and specifying print was a job for experts only. Turning a design into a finished brochure or leaflet was a complex process involving several different stages. Now all you need from your designer is a high resolution pdf which you can send to almost any commercial printer. If

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pixelated image

Working with logo formats

The difference between vector and pixel formats Most people will be familiar with pixel-based formats for photography such as JPEG or TIFF. We know that more pixels equals a better quality image, so it’s tempting, when asked to supply a logo, to think the same way and assume that a JPEG is the best way

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social media icons

Our top tips for social media

If you’re planning on using social media to grow your business, here are a few simple tips you can use when making your plans: Who is your audience? Think about who are you trying to reach – what’s their profile? It could lead you to use a very specific social media channel – for example

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Choosing the right image for print

How to choose the right image for print or web

A quick guide to choosing the right image/photo for print or web Some tips to help you decide Following on from our last post about file formats we thought it would be useful to give you some basic information about the quality and resolution of photos for the web and in print. Firstly you’ll need

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What’s the best artwork format to use?

Choosing the right file format for the job. So you’ve taken a new product photo or you’ve got a brilliant new logo and you want to use it in a brochure or on your website – all your hard work can be wasted if you choose to supply the wrong file format for the job.

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