Exhibition Graphics

Exhibition graphics

Pop-up displays have never been more sophisticated or affordable, and modern printing techniques mean that you can have the most amazing designs applied to them.

When you attend an exhibition, your stand is a giant advert for your business, and whether it’s a shell scheme, pop-up system or custom built design, your brand needs to be front and centre, shouting to all the visitors how great you are. Competition is fierce so your stand needs to be well dressed to have any chance of attracting new clients.

We have many years of experience in creating striking designs that can help you to grab new business, wherever you’re exhibiting. We can provide design and artwork for any type of banner stand or pop-up display to the manufacturer’s specifications – and in most cases we’re able to upload the approved artwork directly to the manufacturer.

For larger exhibition stand designs we work with specialist design and build experts – or with your own stand designers – to ensure that your brand is applied consistently across the whole stand in the use of colour, shape, text and graphics.

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