Brand design

Brand design

Simply put, your brand is the clothes your business wears – the way that people see you – and first impressions count.

It can start with a logo, but your brand should spread throughout your business, colouring everything it does. Above all, your brand should be memorable. If people think of your logo when they’re deciding what to buy, there’s a good chance they’ll come to you.

Our approach is to understand your company, to find out what makes it special and design a brand with real personality – something that people will remember and come to associate with your business.

Your logo is the foundation of your brand, and it has to work anywhere – from the side of a building to a computer icon a few pixels across – and our attention to detail means that we build that flexibility into every logo that we design. And once you’ve got your shiny new brand identity, we can make sure that it doesn’t get tortured beyond all recognition within a month.


Consistency is everything, and, if your business has more than just a few employees, a set of brand guidelines is invaluable to make sure that everyone knows how your logo should be used. We’ll keep it flexible and won’t lumber you with a million and one rules, but we will give you enough to be certain that, whether it’s being used in London or New York, the image that your brand conveys will always be the same.

If you’re interested in creating a brand guidelines document for your company, contact InSync today, we would be more than happy to advise you and show you examples of previous documents that we have created.

A name for your business

If you’re thinking of starting a business but are struggling to think of a name for your new venture, InSync Creative can help. By taking the time to understand your business offering and researching your target market we will suggest a variety of potential names for your business and website domains that are still available for you to choose from.

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