Road Safety Campaign for Herts County Council

Billboard design

Road Safety Campaign for Herts County Council

We were approached by Hertfordshire County Council to create a logo and advertising campaign for their new road safety initiative, ‘Put it Away’. The aim of the campaign was to educate drivers about the dangers of using a mobile phone whilst driving.

We created a logo that clearly communicated the campaign’s message using strong bold colours that would stand out and form part of the message on all advertising.

Put It Away logo

The advertising was to be rolled out across both digital and print media. The Hertfordshire Road Safety Partnership had carried out extensive research into which age groups were most likely to use their mobiles whilst driving.

The research identified the following age groups:

  • 17-24 years old
  • 25-44 Women
  • 25-44 Men
  • 45-64 Men

Different messages were required to target each age range. Facebook was used for the digital part of the campaign – its advertising platform was perfect to target the specific groups.

Put It Away Facebook adverts

InSync sourced suitable imagery that would convey the campaign messages for each age range. The Facebook campaign started in early January and runs through to mid February.

In addition to the digital campaign a print campaign was also launched. Unlike the closely targeted Facebook ads, a much broader message was used to appeal to all drivers. We designed the printed adverts to communicate the message through impactful images and simple, clear text – using the logo as the sign off to the message.

Put It Away poster design

The print campaign was rolled out throughout Hertfordshire across posters, billboards, on buses and petrol pumps.

Since its launch, the Put it Away campaign has been short-listed for a local campaign design award which we are very proud to be apart of.

If you have an advertising campaign that you would like some creative help with please feel free to contact us either by phone on 0845 468 0982 or by email:

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